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Rochelle is founder of lifestyle brand, My Little Coco, a skin and haircare brand aimed at families.

My Little Coco launched exclusively into Boots and on the brand’s own e-commerce in 2020. Since then, My Little Coco has grown from an initial collection of seven skin and hair care products which disrupted the market to offer a more diverse, luxury product offering suitable for newborns, babies, children and parents.

The brand now operates across multiple categories in family lifestyle, with over 90 products and lines. Following this success, Rochelle launched additional fragrance collections, BABY MAMA collection (for expectant mothers) – which saw the launch of the first ever bump sheet mask to the UK Market – weaning, babywear and most recently, multivitamin gummies and beach accessories. My Little Coco paved the way and currently dominates the market share in the UK for all inclusive, diverse and performance-led products suitable for newborns upwards, and is available in over 1200+ Boots stores.

All our formulas are extra gentle, mild and suitable for sensitive skin.

  • 27
    Skin and haircare products for families
  • 2020
    The collection launched nation-wide with Boots
  • 2023
    Expansion to multi-retailers

The Podcast

Join Rochelle Humes as she speaks to her guests about parenthood, what they have learnt along the way and what they are still figuring out.

“It’s so refreshing to hear people talk about their parenthood journey and what worked for them, rather than what they think people want to hear!”
— Danielle-Lea, MLC Listener

During my first pregnancy, I searched high and low for products that contained my favourite ingredient and ticked all the boxes on my wishlist. I knew exactly what I wanted, but just couldn’t find it. Little did I know, this would be the start of a new mission of mine and so…The My Little Coco journey began…

With my brand vision, hand-drawn logo (thanks mum!) and a baby on the way, I now had to make this happen. I sought out the best experts in the industry alongside a paediatrician and dermatologist to bring My Little Coco to life.

And so after almost 9 years of research, hard work and devotion, My Little Coco launched exclusively in Boots with a collection of 7 products. This quickly expanded to include new fragrances, first to market products and my personal favourite ‘Baby Mama’.

The collection is made with so much love – I really hope you and your family enjoy using the products as much as Team Humes!

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