Representing Rochelle & Marvin Humes and Harriet Westmoreland.

Offering comprehensive talent management services from scouting and recruitment to career planning and contract negotiations. The agency provides personalised guidance and support to help individuals maximise their potential and achieve long-term success. The team’s expertise lies in identifying opportunities, fostering talent growth, and facilitating collaborations with prominent brands and organisations.


Spanning a career of over 10 years Rochelle has become one of the most well known and loved broadcasters on UK Television, whether it is ITV’s This Morning, BBC’s The Hitlist, Children In Need or her latest venture Rochelle Humes – Interior Designer In The Making.

Marvin has forged a career as a Radio presenter spending over 10 years as part of the capital radio Global family, broadcasting nationwide . Since 2019, Marvin has presented the prime-time music show ‘The Hit List’ alongside Rochelle. In addition to this, Marvin has also hosted key shows such as ITV’s Concert for Ukraine, This Morning, The Voice, Children In Need, MOBO Awards and The One Show.


The RH Group is proud to be working with some of the UK’s best known charities and brands to deliver impactful campaigns that align with our brand ethos. We work with partners who share the values and desire to benefit the communities in which they function.

Commercial partners include Next, L’Oreal, Marks and Spencers and others.


By leveraging innovative strategies and market insights, the agency excels in brand architecture, crafting compelling personal brands for their clients. This involves creating unique brand identities, implementing effective marketing campaigns, managing public perception, and cultivating meaningful partnerships. The agency’s goal is to build strong and influential brands that resonate with target audiences and open doors to exciting opportunities.

Brand Architecture